Rate Information

$.46 PER $100 for 2020 and the defined area tax rate $.86 for 2020

$.45247 per $100 for 2021 and the defined area tax rate will be $.86 for 2021

Ordinance Adopting Amended Rates and Fees 2022

SJRA Fee Pass Through

Water Conservation and Drought Contingency

Budget, Tax, and Financial Documents

Audit report 2021

Audit report 2020

Water Quality Report

2021 Consumer Confidence Report

Landowner Bill of Rights

Information regarding the Landowner’s Bill of Rights can be found on the Texas Attorney General’s Website

Public Information Request

Public Information Request should be sent to:

Crosby MUD
103 W Wahl St.
Crosby, Texas 77532

Special Purpose District Public Information Database

For more information about the District, including information about the District’s Board and Board Meetings, please visit the meetings page of this website, or go to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Special Purpose District Public Information Database at https://spdpid.comptroller.texas.gov/

Disclosure Information

Pursuant to Section 182.051, Texas Utilities Code, a customer’s personal , utility usage, and billing information is confidential and may not be disclosed by the District to third-parties unless a written request for disclosure is submitted by the customer. Please refer to the Disclosure form on this website.